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       Richard T. Irwin, A History:  The Religious Society of Friends of Randolph Township. A.R.B.O.R., American Revolution Bicentennial Observance Randolph [NJ], 1973 is a study of the Mendham/Randolph New Jersey Quaker community.  This work includes information of interest to both historians and genealogists.  Of particular interest to genealogists will be the material in the appendices. 

       Richard Irwin is historiographer of the Friends Meeting House and Cemetery Association of Randolph Township, New Jersey.  This copy of the manuscript is posted with permission of the author.

       Since the original manuscript is no longer available, the linked PDF version has been created from a Xerox copy of the manuscript available at the Morris County Free Library.  The title page and preface have been retyped as portions of the Xerox could not be read.  If you have any problem reading the fainter portions of the remaining manuscript, please contact us.

To download and browse the PDF version (2.1mb), click here. Use "Bookmarks" or "Pages" to locate specific sections.

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Richard T. Irwin, A History:  The Religious Society of Friends of Randolph Township. A.R.B.O.R., American Revolution Bicentennial Observance Randolph, 1973.    

Title Page  
Preface (pp. i-iii):               
Contents (p. iv):               
Part One (pp. 1-10):  The origin of the meeting – the legend about Quaker settlement in 1740 – evidence of deeds – records from Kingwood and Rahway-Plainfield Monthly Meeting – the Schooley and Brotherton families.              
Part Two (pp. 11-25):  Quaker tenets and principles – the new Monthly Meeting – the organization of a Meeting – problems with which they dealt – the vitality of the association – establishment of a Quaker school.              
Part Three (pp. 26-40):  Vitality expressed in the community – Millbrook – the gristmill, fulling mill, carding machine, tan yard, oil mill, saw mill – relationship to the Quaker’s daily life.             
Part Four (41-45): The sense of social responsibility – the Queries – the work of John Woolman – the abolition movement – the Quakers and the abolition societies – temperance – the Brotherton activity – a story that the Meeting House was used on the Underground Railroad.              
Part Five (pp. 52-55):  The death of Richard Brotherton – the Meeting is laid down- other Brothertons carry on the care and preservation of the old Quaker Church.              
Appendices (pp. 56-76):               
A.  Excerpts from poems by Theodore Mott on the History of Millbrook.             
B. Excerpts from Mendham/Randolph Preparative Meeting; Hardwick-Randolph Monthly Meeting; Rahway and Plainfield Monthly Meeting           
            Members of the Randolph Meeting (undated 19th century).
            1765 Queries, New York Yearly Meeting, Religious Society of Friends.
            Members of Hardwick Meeting (undated).
            Record of Marriages, Mendham/Randolph Meeting, 1743 to 1797.
            Record of Marriages, Randolph Meeting, 1798-1848.
            Record of Births, Mendham/Randolph Meeting from 1754-1824.
            Record of Burials, Hardwick-Mendham Monthly Meeting, 1806-1850.
            Burials, 1757-1795.  Mendham Meeting.
            Burials Recorded on Headstones, Quaker Cemetery, Randolph, 1834-1933.
            Record of Births, Mendham Meeting, 1746-1788.
            Removal Certificates, Hardwick-Mendham Monthly Meeting, 1792-1828.
            Removal Certificates, Rahway and Plainfield Monthly Meeting, 1800-1852.
            Death Records, Rahway and Plainfield Monthly Meeting, 1769-1795.
C. Genealogies:              
            The Mott Family
            The Brotherton Family
            The Schooley Family
Bibliography: pp. 77-78