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Who are we?                                  

The Friends Meeting House and Cemetery Association is an independent preservation organization formed in 1898 that owns and preserves the colonial Friends Meeting House and Quaker Cemetery in Randolph Township, NJ.  We welcome new members and supporters.  More information about the Association can be found in the Brief Organizational History and Bylaws.

Who can join?

Membership in the Association is open automatically to any descendant of the original or modern Friends Meeting, to descendants of people buried in Quaker Cemetery, and to members of the Society of Friends. Other people who have a genuine interest in preserving this important landmark are invited to apply for membership and will be most welcome. For more information, check the Association Brochure.

Are there any obligations?

Meetings are held twice a year, spring and fall, and members are encouraged to attend. No dues are charged. One fund-raising opportunity a year, accompanied by our annual Newsletter, enables members to contribute as they choose. Caring about the site is the most important thing!  

How did the Association begin?

The Association was founded in 1898 by descendants of the Quaker settlers of Mendham/Randolph Meeting and by descendants of people interred in the Cemetery, many of whom were not Quaker. 

In 1898 the Association acquired the site from Rahway and Plainfield Monthly Meeting, Society of Friends, with the intent of preserving the Meeting House and Cemetery of their ancestors.  Check the Brief Organizational History for further details.

What does the Association do?

The sole purpose of the Association is to preserve this historic site and provide opportunities for education about the history it represents. Over the last quarter century the Association has engaged in an extensive restoration and preservation program that is nearing completion. Members of the Association oversee visits from elementary schools and other groups and tours of the site the first Sunday of each month from April through November. Educational and preservation programs, open houses and re-enactments help inform the public of the site and its history.  Click here for examples of programs celebrating completion of two recent preservation projects and a reenactment.

The Newsletters and event programs from the last few years will give you a good indication of our activities and recent preservation projects.

Who do I contact?  How can I visit?

If you would like further information about the Association, are interested in joining, or would like to know when you can tour the Meeting House and Cemetery and how to get there, click here.