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Cemetery Endowment

In 1862, shortly before the Meeting was laid down (1865), Silas Young left $200 in his will to build a stone wall around the Cemetery. Additional funds for a wall were donated in the early 1870s and again in 1880. But funds were clearly scarce, prompting a request for support in the September 1881 issue of the Iron Era:

Some of the descendants of the old Quaker families who formerly lived in this section are trying to make some improvement about the old burying ground.... If a few more of those who have friends buried there, or feel charitably inclined, will contribute a little of what they have it will ... make a substantial improvement.

Over the years a few descendants (Evers, Dell, Mott) have made contributions to maintain the Cemetery. Such gifts are important, but they have not been sufficient to meet the annual cost of maintaining the grounds and repairing markers. The Association is therefore establishing an endowment specifically dedicated to the preservation of the Cemetery, to assure its well being in the years ahead.

If you have ancestors buried in the Cemetery or feel charitably inclined to support this nationally important site, we would welcome contributions to the Cemetery Endowment.

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